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Name:Slide remote control (RC41A-4)

It is designed with small size, beautiful exterior with metal case and slide style .Using SMT components and the SAW (sound wave resonator) is used for stabilizing frequency .It is applied for wireless alarms, wireless controlling devices ,etc.

1> Various anti-theft alarms, security systems
2> Remote controlling devices
3> Motor-driven curtain, roller blind door, garage / gate barriers
4> Optional for encoding IC: 1527/6621/HCS301,etc.

Technical Specification:

  • Operating voltage: 12V(27A battery)
  • Operating current: : ≤ 10mA
  • Oscillatory mode: SAW (resonance)
  • Modulation Method: ASK
  • Operating frequency: 315MH, 433.92MHz (available for customer appointment)
  • Frequency windage:±100KHz
  • Optional for the encoding IC: HS2262,HS1527,HCS301,etc 
  • Size:  55*30*14(L*W*H) mm

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