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Name:Wireless Lighting Control System DL01-1

      Lighting control system consists of a device, typically an embedded processor or industrial computer, that controls electric lights for a building or residence. Lighting control systems usually include one or more keypads or touch panel interfaces. These interfaces allow users the ability to toggle power to lights and fans, dim lights, and program lighting levels.

       A major advantage of a lighting control system over conventional lighting is the ability to control any device from any interface. For example, a master touch panel might allow the user the ability to control all lights in a building, not just a single room. In fact, any light might be controlled from any location.

      Other benefits include reduced energy consumption and costs (through more efficient usage), longer bulb life (through dimming), and reduced emissions. Newer, wireless lighting control systems provide additional benefits including reduced installation costs and increased flexibility in where switches and sensors can be placed.    
Product Details:
  • Wireless lighting control system with one lights
  • Lower power consumption, complied with EUP standard
  • Complied with CE, FCC standard
  • Two channel independence control to adjust the lighting
  • Use industrial MicroProcessorControl
  • Remote control ID learning code login
  • Environment friendly and flame retardant for Cotroller casing
  • Easy to install

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