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Name:IR Remote Control Extender

Infrared (IR) remote controls have limited range and generally only work in the same room as the audio/video (A/V) component it controls as line of site is needed for communication to occur. The IR to RF to IR Remote Control Range Extender Kit, uses an internal transmitter that converts your remote's IR signal into a radio frequency (RF) signal, giving you the ability to control your components up to 100 feet away, through walls, floors, doors and windows.

Product details:

  • IR-RF Exchange Method allows you to control equipment such as Satellite Box, TV, VCR etc from anywhere in the house
  • Efficiently differentiate diverse RF signals and avoid interference
  • Controls Audio/Video equipments up to 50m away even though walls, doors, floors and doors
  • Consistent signal, no interference
  • Infrared extender cable allows placing the receiver in a closed space or out of sight field.
  • One more IR receiver can be added to control more rooms.
  • Converts an IR signal to RF and back to IR signal
  • Be applicable to various IR remote control
  • No direct line of sight needed
  • With ID learning and delection function
  • Mains power
  • Compatible with most brand of A/V equipments
  • With Operating status indicator: Learning Procedure
  • 433.92 MHz RF frequency
Technique Data:
  • Frenquency :433.92MHz
  • Transmitted power:≤10dBm
  • Sensitivety:-108dBm
  • Working Voltage:110/220 VAC (AC/DC adapter)
  • Temperature :-10℃~60℃
Package Including:
  • 1 X RF transmitter
  • 1 X IR receiver
  • 1 X infrared extender cable
  • 2 X AC power adapter
  • 1 X instruction manual



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