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Name:Brake Light Flasher-FL01A
Brake lights flasher is designed to attract the follow-up driver's attention that the front vehicle is pressing footbrake. When the driver needs to slow down and presses the footbrake, the brake lights will blink quickly 4 times and followed by 3 slow flashes, after that, the brake lights will be on until the footbrake is released.
Brake lights flasher can be used in Automobiles, Trucks, SUVs, Motor homes, Vans, Buses, Motorcycles, Trailers etc.
Key features:
  • Brake lights blink when footbrake is pressed
  • Attract follow-up drivers' attention
  • Increase driver's reaction time by 0.2 s
  • Wide voltage range 8~30V DC
  • Significantly reduce the rear-end collisions
  • Universal for all vehicles (motorcycle, cars, trucks, buses, motor homes etc)
  • No interference with other electronics system
  • Water resistant
  • Easy installation
  • 100% original nylon
Technical parameters:
  • Voltage: 6VDC~30VDC
  • Power (Max): 100W
  • Load: 1W~100W
  • Temperature: -40-80 degree

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